An opening themed after the Rio Carnival!

With the arrival of spring, the reopening of KBANE at the Golf de Seignosse is on the horizon! April 6, 2024, will mark the beginning of a new season with a day filled with Brazilian colors and the atmosphere of the Rio carnival.

Spectacle danseuses brésiliennes pour la réouverture de KBANE, Golf de Seignosse
Spectacle capoei

Feathers and Brazilian rhythms will set the stage for a memorable day on the Landes Coast. From 4PM onwards, a vibrant palette of colors will come alive at KBANE with the start of the live concert by Lirah.

But that’s not all! From 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., a Brazilian show awaits you. Dancers will twirl their feathers while capoeiristas add a spectacular touch to the show, combining grace and impressive performances.

Meanwhile, the younger ones will have their own entertainment space with games specially designed for them, along with talented makeup artists to transform their faces into temporary works of art with Brazilian colors.

Kbane, bar tapas et cocktail, Golf de Seignosse
Soirée JD au Golf de Seignosse

A caipirinha bar will also be available, offering you an authentic taste experience from Brazil.

As night falls, a DJ set with Dame Fleuraux will set the dance floor on fire!

This opening day themed after the Rio Carnival promises to be much more than just a festive event! So get ready to dive into an immersive experience where music, dance, and conviviality come together to create memorable moments to be shared with family and friends!

See you on April 6th at the Golf de Seignosse; we look forward to welcoming you to celebrate the reopening of KBANE and the beginning of a wonderful season!